How I know I am getting old…

How I know I am getting old

I was at Sunway Lagoon doing bag guard duty. I was looking at everyone enjoying the water slides and relaxing on my chair when someone called out my name! It was a person I know very well! We started chit chatting and commenting on the weather and how the kids are enjoying themselves. He then called on his son to come and say hi, I did not recognize him at all! He is all grown up! It’s been a long time since we have last met and I am so happy that he is doing so well. His allergies are <ahem> under great control!

One of the happiest thing I can do is when I am able to help my patients and see their improvements. Father and son then went off to other attractions while I ponder on how time continues to move onward.

One of the challenges as an Immunologist is to understand about aging and how to age gracefully. We now understand that cells have a set timer for self destruction. This is an important feature, as we do not want malfunctioning cells to stay alive and to crowd out other cells. In fact, immortal cells is one of the basis for the formation of cancer! The challenge now is to have our cells live and die normally and yet able to have replacement of the aged and dying cells with young and proper functioning cells.

I studied and read the Kauffman protocol and felt it was very useful for my aim to live healthy and to age gracefully. I currently exercise and aim for healthy diet the best as I can. I also take supplements that can aid my normal cell function.

For those that do not have the time to read the Kauffman protocol, I am going to summarize it below:

Essentially supplements for antiaging are rated on the 7 tenets of aging listed below.


In this system, if an agent was found to do nothing, it rates as a “0.” On the other end of the spectrum, if the evidence that the agent is exceptional, it is rated as a “3.” Scores of 1 and 2 are naturally in between.

So naturally I wanted to take supplements with correct dosing that can address each of these 7 processes with the best evidence and minimal fuss.

Based on the protocol, I take Txin as antioxidants to help with life’s pollutants and metabolic stress. It contains:

  • Alpha lipoic acid:
  • Quercetin:
  • Total = 22

I also take Txao as antiaging to help with cellular function to reduce wear and tear on cell processes. It contains:

  • Pterostilbene:
  • Curcumin:
  • Total = 29

Taking these 2 supplements gives me a whopping grand total of 51 that addresses all 7 pathways. Having all these ingredients thoughtfully formulated into 2 products to address specific areas of cellular aging is definitely convenient.

For those that are not sure, and want to try one first, my thoughts will be to take Txao as it has the highest number that addresses all the pathways. For those that may have unhealthy lifestyle and are exposed to alcohol and tobacco smoke or polluted environments, you can consider Txin to help circumvent these oxidative stressors.

As I took these supplements, I noticed that I felt more energized when I woke up instead of still feeling tired. With continued use, I noticed that my mental focus improved. It’s hard to explain, but I generally felt better overall. These benefits did not come immediately, but gradually over a 2 months period. I do notice that when I stopped taking the supplements that I see a notable difference within 2 weeks which gets restored once I resume taking them. As you age, you want to feel, look and perform at our best so that you can enjoy the time and money that you current possess.

We still do not have the “fountain of youth” and I will still continue to search and find better solutions for our aging bodies and share my findings with you. Please let me know if you have tried Txao or Txin and have found benefits.

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